Q. Where can I buy a KingTech engine?
A. Any authorized dealer, or through us, where ever you feel you would receive the best service and support.

Q. Were can I find the serial number?
A. It is engraved on the rim of the tail cone.

Q. Could I get my K-80E or 170E upgraded to a F, a Fuel Start?
A. No, too many parts would have to be replaced. A trade-in upgrade is available but probably too costly to be feasible. If your E engine is running fine, then I would keep enjoying it and not worry about it, especially they like straight propane, the green bottle Colman that could be found anywhere.

Q. What's the best choice of battery for a E model propane start KingTech?
A. Probably a 2S LiPo or LiFe anywhere from 2000mAh to 5000mAh pack

Q. What's the recommended battery pack for an F or G model fuel start KingTech?
A. 9.9V 3S LiFe pack, also between 2000 to 5000 mAh.


Q. What's the average battery usage per flight?
A. Generally between 200 to 400mAh.

Diesel Operations
Q. Could my KingTech engine run on regular pump Diesel?
A. Absolutely, all KingTech engines will run well, if not, better with Diesel, be it Biodiesel, Diesel 1 or 2.

Q. Doesn't Diesel smell bad?
A. No, the difference in smell of Diesel and Kero is minimal both raw or exhaust.

Q. What would be the oil mix for Diesel?
A. We require a 3 to 5% oil mix for Diesel and I do a 3.125% mix, basically, I take an empty 5 gallon can and put in 1/2 quart of oil and pump in 4 gallons of diesel, this makes the can very easy to pour into your fueling can and I have a few of these reserve cans rotating in use.

Q. Does Diesel really produce more thrust?
Yes, about 3 to 5% on KingTech engines.

Q. Wouldn't the pump be running harder with Diesel since it's got a slightly higher viscosity?
A. No, thanks to the higher energy density the pump will actually have a lighter load when running diesel, about 10 to 12% during idle and 5 to 7% at full throttle. Some may overestimate the pump load difference required at our overall flow rate and pressure. With our experience with diesel, it's reasonable to think that the 3 to 5% higher thrust incentive is more than enough to offset the slight viscosity difference at any given RPM.

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